March 26, 2012

Olympic Trials 2012 - Go Big Or Go Home

This is it. What I have been training for my whole life. A huge final push the last 3 years…. And I race tomorrow to become an Olympian. I thought this last blog post would be a great opportunity for people to get to know my story…. And to do that I need to ask myself the question.

What would my life be like without swimming?

If I never stayed in swimming I would have never made it to university…. I would not have travelled the world. I would not have met absolutely amazing people who changed my life… I might have got into more trouble when I was a kid and in high school I might have got sucked into bad crowd…. I would have never learned that people were wrong about me when I was younger…. I was told that I would never be able to be normal in school and in life….. Many teachers were very negative toward me – discouraging my future and success.

Swimming has been the best thing in my has help me achieve so much and changed me for the better as a person..... whatever happens at these Olympic Trials I would not change a single thing with my life...... If i was given a million dollars and could go back in time..... I would take the exact same path.....the only thing that would change is i would have an ipad......i really would like an ipad.....hahah.....oh and i am sure my sister would have more presents...she loves to get lots of presents... ;)

So make sure to cheer me on and I will keep everyone updated on my results and make sure to watch me live on sportsnet at 7pm eastern time.


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