June 9, 2011

Swimming Documentary

I have recently found out that a film producer is going to be doing a documentary on our national training centre group leading up to the 2012 Olympic Trials, and if he can get the filming rights, he will be filming at the Olympic Games!!! He has been in talks with CBC about the project and is also looking for funding from other independent companies. This is incredibly exciting for everyone in the centre and I am so very excited for people to learn about the sport of swimming. Most people usually see us every 4 years for about 1-2 minutes and they don't really get a chance to hear our whole story. People don't get to see all the time, commitment, determination, funding and sacrifices that athletes have to make in order to even come close to making an Olympic Team let alone getting a medal. 

The film will be shot by Paul Dudar a young aspiring film producer from Toronto, Ontario. When approached by Paul I said " Paul the only way I am doing this is if its in HD" I am a pretty big tech nerd and won't have the film shot any other way. So hopefully I look good in HD. Paul will be filming the centre's day to day activities and what we do outside of the pool when we have free time.....which is never....lol. Also he will be filming competitions and hopefully he can get the rights to film at the Olympic Games!!! 

If anyone would like to be a part of the film or help Paul with funding. You can e-mail him at paul.dudar@gmail.com.

The film is tentatively called "inches" and paul put together a small trailer.
The Trailer is under my videos.

June 8, 2011

Weird day Blog update tomorrow

Had a really strange day today. It started out good. I had a Light practice, cold tub, saw the new xmen moive, ate chipotle and then had some brain scanning done. Then I waited in a 3 hour line to get my bike fixed for free in Dundas Square, in what felt like the hottest day of the year, all to save some money. While I was there I met a drug dealer, a counselor/actor who does theater on a 3 million dollar boat in the greek islands, and a couple of people on a mission to spread happiness from Atlanta, Georgia. The person fixing the bikes was there all day from 7am to 8:30pm(what a boss). Also consumed wayyyyyyy to much sushi(Thanks Martyn!!)..... sushi coma commencing....NOW!!!!!

Real blog post tomorrow

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